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We provide private and customized Self Defense classes for Families, Groups, Schools, Companies and various Organizations.  All programs are customized to fit your time table and needs.  We teach a variety of defensive techniques to use when you are attacked from the "FRONT", "BACK" and when someone is on top of you on the "GROUND".  In addition, we teach a self defense "MIND SET" consisting of preventative measures.  Please call for a FREE CONSULT on how we can better prepare you and your loved ones, friends or employees.  Families and Groups may arrange POTLUCKS for after training so everyone can network and enjoy each other's company.

‚ÄčKAHALA Jiu Jitsu


This class is designed for a parent to learn how to train Jiu-Jitsu with their child in a safe and fun environment for both parent and child.  It is not designed to teach an adult Jiu-Jitsu, but rather help a parent who doesn't take jiu-jitsu to  learn the basic moves and drills so that they may help their child practice at home.  Our hope is that through this class and experience, a child and parent will create a stronger bond and respect for each other.  By learning to work together they also earn each other's respect on the mat. Our hope is that it will carry-over to working together at home and off the mat.  This is a chance for an existing child student to share what they know with their parents and parents can be their students.  This class is open to all existing students as an extra bonus class as well as for new students.


SAMURAI: (By Invitation Only)

Our Samurai class is for our more advanced and competitive students.  It is also our coaches in training class.  In this class we delve into more advanced techniques, its more cardio and drill driven, there's a deeper understanding of techniques and the physics of them, and it is problem solving at its best.  It's an interactive class between instructor and students where students also teach and referee as a way of taking their training to a new level of understanding and viewing Jiu-Jitsu. In this class we also focus on philosophy and mindset of learning, training and competing.

Instructors are available for Private Lessons as well as Group Lessons and Corporate Training. Please contact us for more details.

Note:  Schedules subject to change so call 294-6678 to make sure.

BULLY PREVENTION    (ages 3 - 4):   (Saturday Only)
Bully Prevention is a precursor to our Kids Class.  This class helps a child develop self confidence and self awareness so that they can start learning how to participate in a group setting with other kids.  We play games that will train their muscle memory  to do Jiu-Jitsu as they get older.  The kids also learn how to focus and participate as a group.  They learn the value of matching up and that losing has value as much as winning.  The kids train with each other and parents are encouraged to participate in any of the games and activities.

KIDS (ages 5 - 6)  &   BIG KIDS (ages 7- 8)
This class is designed to help kids learn how to protect themselves from bullies or anyone else who wants to hurt them.  It is also a pre-curser class to Jiu-Jitsu.  What makes this class so unique is that the parents are welcome to participate with the child.  Each class is created so that the parent can do the program with the child so that the child may practice the techniques at home as well as in class allowing them to build confidence and muscle memory so that the techniques come to them naturally and instinctively.  If a parent is not available to participate with the child, that is OK too. There is no better gift to give your child, and yourself, then knowing that your child can defend their self against someone bigger and stronger in a threatening situation.  It not only gives you peace of mind, but your child as well.

PRE-TEEN   (ages 9 -11):
Pre-Teens are on the verge of transitioning out of childhood and enter into the teenage years. This is the class where kids have to step up to the plate and focus on their goals in Jiu Jitsu and start thinking and producing more maturely.  Kids will learn to think in combinations and prevention.  This class is a precursor to the Teen Class.

TEENS   (ages 12 - 16):
KJJ has one of the largest "Teen" programs in Hawaii.  They not only learn the art of Jiu Jitsu for self defense, sport and competition, but when they qualify, are trained to be assistant instructors to the Kid's classes which increases their own training exponentially. They are also the only class that we teach No-Gi to.

Our "Fundamental Basics" class is great for beginners and advanced belts alike.  We focus on the basic technical understanding of Jiu-Jitsu and the physics of the body in order to learn what the body can and cannot do. We feel its important for students to understand and create a muscle memory for  basic Jiu-Jitsu moves before venturing into the advanced and more complex techniques of BJJ.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is one of the fastest growing sports and martial arts in the world because of its ability for a smaller and weaker man or women to over-power and subdue a stronger and bigger one.  Although it masters the art of fighting on the ground, stand-up and take-downs are also an integral part of the program.  In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there is no striking and kicking involved, but rather positions & techniques that through timing and leverage, allow you to subdue a person by moving the body, limbs, and joints in ways that they are not meant to move.  For every technique used, there are at least five counter-techniques.  This makes training fun, challenging and unpredictable which is why the sport is growing so fast.

Our "Drills" class is exactly that.  Strictly DRILLS. In the limited time we have during class to warm-up, drill and learn, as well as spar, we have very limited time to actually drill a move or technique for muscle memory.  Our Drills class focuses on drilling a specific group of techniques on any given day.  The entire class is just drilling for muscle memory which is one of the most valuable aspects of learning Jiu-Jitsu.  It will accelerate your learning curve.